Improve the Look of Your Backyard

Improve the Look of Your Backyard

Add a pool deck coating in Katy, Sugar Land & Richmond, TX

When you're relaxing outside in the sun, you want to be surrounded by elegance and beauty. It's hard to unwind with a patio or pool deck that looks old and rundown. Katy Concrete Coatings can apply a pool deck coating to keep your pool deck in good shape. We'll make sure your pool deck looks exactly the way you want it.

We do joint-sealing with a commercial-grade polyurethane to match the color of the concrete. This process keeps weeds from popping up through the cracks in your sidewalks. Coating can also keep your pool decks cooler and slip-resistant, making pool parties far safer. This system is 100% non-microbial and it is also 100% anti-bacterial.

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Protect your driveway from weather and wear

Keep your driveway in great condition with our driveway coating services. We'll apply a protective coat to your concrete so you can keep your driveway looking great even as the rain falls and the sun beats down. Prevent your driveway from degrading with the right coating.

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